Re: [Evolution] time zone issues with calendar in Evolution

On Mon, 2018-07-09 at 15:11 -0400, MayDay Computers via evolution-list
3.28.3 on Fedora 28 ans I also have this issue a lot.  I found that
if I change my Time zone from America/Indiana/Indianapolis to
America/New_York, it works fine.

no promises, but maybe this is addressed with (3.28.4+):

In case it will not be for you, would you (anyone in this thread or
even not in this thread) mind to file a new bug at:
and write there very detailed steps with observations, please?

That might be really detailed steps, like what server version is in
use, what time zone is setup on the server and in Evolution, what event
with what time zone and at what date/time is created in Evolution and
where it is shown in OWA of the server, or in Outlook, or another
instance of Evolution, or even in the Evolution which created it, in
case the save moves the event immediately. And also how the event was
created. The date/time really precisely, like on 2018-03-21 at 10:00AM,
because I'm pretty sure the actual time matters. Having a log with the
created event would be also a huge plus, but that can wait for now.

All those details are required, because it seemed to work for me, but
it didn't in certain cases, like with the above issue. Imagine I'm
dumb, I'd need almost click-by-click reproducer, otherwise I can miss
it again.

        Thanks and bye,

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