[Evolution] "Include threads:" setting for Search Folders?

In Evolution 3.26.1, there is a drop down list of options for "Include threads:" when configuring a Search Folder, but I'm not clear on what effect any of the included settings have, and I can't find it documented in the official documentation. Could someone explain what this option does?

I'll give an example to motivate this question: I tried to create a search folder that would display all of the messages in my inbox, as well as any related  messages such as replies or messages in other folders, grouped together in threads.  Basically a "conversations" folder that would mimic how Gmail (in the browser) handles the inbox.  I configured the search folder with the following settings:

Find items which match: any of the following conditions
Message location: is <account>/Inbox
Automatically update on any source folder change (checked)
Search folder sources: All local and active remote folders

I guess my expectation was that selecting "Include threads: All related" would create the kind of conversations folder I described above, but changing this option from "None" doesn't seem to have any effect and all I see are messages which are actually in the inbox.  This 100% makese sense choosing "None", but is what I'm describing the reason for the "Include threads" option in the first place or am I way off?


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