Re: [Evolution] Google API: Daily Limit Exceeded

On Thu, 2017-10-26 at 10:34 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
It is for Calendars - I don't use Google for tasks.

Weird, I didn't see it with calendars, only with tasks. Maybe I've been
just lucky (I also have in-evo configured Google calendars (and

And I didn't get any errors this morning ...

And you said "requests error limit", whereas the error message just
says "exceeded daily limit". So is the limit on the number of errors
or on the overall number of requests?

Right, ambiguous wording, I'm sorry. The quota is basically about: how
many error requests the application using the keys can make, before it
reaches its daily limit. Once reached, everyone trying to use those
keys gets the error.

No problem - when this was last discussed I had sort of assumed that it
was an overall rate-limiting thing, it's just when you mentioned an
error limit I realised that wasn't the case. TBH, I had never really
thought very deeply about it all! (But it's good to learn about these

Is there any possibility of back-porting patches into 3.24?

Yes, there is. For the tasks, where I'm aware where the issue was. For
calendars... hmm, maybe this one:
but it's related to 3.26 only (will be part of 3.26.2). Unfortunately
the errors do not show which client versions are used, only what error
code had been returned by the server. It helps a bit, just not always.

I suppose then that it could be the errors in the 3.26 version
affecting the users of 3.24? Is the userbase of 3.26 high enough yet
for it to be an issue? I suppose it will be in a couple of weeks when
Fedora 27 is released.


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