Re: [Evolution] Failed to refresh folder..

On Sun, 2017-10-15 at 08:12 +1100, Paul W Parker via evolution-list
Today installed evolution-ews to see IF it helps with my Yahoo
Calendar error problem.

as far as I know, you cannot connect to a Yahoo! calendar (which is
CalDAV) using Exchange Web Services (which is for Microsoft Exchange

I get some connection failures from the Yahoo! CalDAV calendars too,
from time to time, but they do not seem to be related to evolution-
data-server, because they go away after some time, thus I guess it can
be also some kind of maintenance on the Yahoo! server. I have no
official message for it, it's just my feeling.

There had been some general issue with Yahoo! CalDAV server passing
'\0' in the middle of headers, which seemed to be related to OAuth2
authentication method addition on their side, which had been fixed in
libsoup several months ago (quite long ago). This exhibited as a
Message Corrupt error in the UI of Evolution.

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