Re: [Evolution] Version 3.24 for Ubuntu?

On Tue, 16 May 2017 10:16:06 -0400, David Burleigh wrote:
Well, I added that ppa and updated my system according to what the
update manager flagged, but something that was updated made a mess of
my menus and other screen rendering, as in the attached screen shot of
the upper left corner of the Evolution window. How can I recover from

There were big changes from GNOME 3.18 to GNOME >= 3.20. A lot of
themes are simply discontinued. Try using a gnome default theme such as
Adwaita. On Arch Linux I stayed with gnome-themes-standard 3.18.0,
while Arch is at gnome-themes-standard 3.22.3, since >= 3.20.0 Adwaita
become disgusting for GTK 2 apps. Since you didn't mentioned what else
you upgraded, there could be other pitfalls as well, e.g. related to
freetype2-infinality, but actually I don't know at what point Ubuntu is
regarding the infinality issue, let alone a PPA. To keep a long story
short, depending on the cause, there are workarounds for e.g. things
like the freetype2-infinality issue or there are absolutely no
solutions, e.g. if non-GNOME themes didn't migrate to GTK >= 3.20.

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