[Evolution] Composing editor selection

Ubuntu 16.04 with Evo

Evo has apparently changed what's being used as the internal editor for composing -  and
not for the better. I want to change to gedit or almost anything else than what's on offer.
But when I consult the "HELP" files, it directs me to <EDIT> <PLUGINS> <EXTERNAL EDITOR>,
and when I click that sequence, there is no  "external editor" choice presented. 

So what's the "new" method for pointing Evo to an external editor, which the "HELP" maintainers
have apparently let get by them? The only web reference I uncovered was the same instruction
as in the current "HELP" file......?


Brewster Gillett

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 tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time."

               Terry Pratchett, from _Good Omens_
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