[Evolution] Evolution

I have Evolution running on two machines.  One machine has version 3.24.1 and the other has 3.22.6.  
3.24.2 installed versions:
evolution 3.24.2-1
evolution-ews 3.24.2-1

Each has an identical setup with four email accounts.

Version 3.22.6 works perfectly. Version 3.24.2 continually throws errors about the ews calendar backend. It says:
"Unable to connect to "Calendar": Backend factory for source "14933893345.3926.16@hostname" and extension "Calendar" cannot be found."

I removed ~/.config/evolution, ~/.local/share/evolution and reloaded the accounts.  I have since read that /usr/lib/evolution should also be removed. Doing a search revealed even more /usr directories that contain evolution directories.

Has anyone else run into this problem with the update?  Has anyone experience with reinstalling an older version of Evolution? Is this even a problem with the new version?  Is there a way to recreate the missing backend factory?

Before I try this again I need to determine the single best course of action. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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