Re: [Evolution] EWS calendar often out of sync

Hi Milan,

On Thu, 2017-06-29 at 14:30 +0200, Michael Hirmke wrote:
"There is no problem with events which are configured as no all day."

I have to check this again, but if I remember correctly, the same
happened for non all day events, too.
I'll send you another log plus ics file, if this happens after
installing the fixed version.

sure, please do. I tested both situations when trying the change and it
was what I've got. With the "all day" I meant the events which are
defined with date-only start/end times, which can be multi-day events
too. If you happen to reproduce with this change, then I'll be happy to
follow up.

would be great, if you were right ;)

Just to mention, release of 3.24.4 is planned on July 17th. I can help
to provide a test package for Fedora, but not for other distributions.

So I have to wait, 'til openSUSE Tumbleweed ships that version.

I guess if you have an account, then we can continue on that bug
report, rather than here.

Ok, I'll follow up on this bug, if the problem remains.


Thx and bye.
Michael Hirmke

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