Re: [Evolution] EWS calendar often out of sync

Hi Milan,

On Thu, 2017-06-22 at 09:33 +0200, Milan Crha wrote:
Feel free to send such log only to me, with a reference to that (to
be entered) bug report in the Subject, thus I'd not overlook it in my
spam folder.

thanks for the log (had been sent to me privately).

I filled bug:
for it. You can see there a little explanation what the problem was.

thx a lot!
"There is no problem with events which are configured as no all day."

I have to check this again, but if I remember correctly, the same
happened for non all day events, too.
I'll send you another log plus ics file, if this happens after
installing the fixed version.

Expect the fix for evolution-ews 3.24.4+, but please note that to have
the calendar show correct values you either might get received an
update of the event (when it changes on the server) or remove
cache with closed all evolution-calendar-factory-subprocess processes
(or at least the one with "--factory ews" argument). Then run evolution
and the cache will re-populated, this time will show up correctly in
the UI.

That was what I expected, so no problem :)

      Thanks and bye,

Thx and bye.
Michael Hirmke

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