[Evolution] evolution hang with "saving user interface state" in the status bar

Hi there,

I'm looking for help regarding a strange behavior of evolution (3.22.6, ubuntu).
Shortly after startup, the e-mail windows become unresponsive (calendar etc. still works). The status bar says: saving user interface state.
I've found similar problems on the internet, but suggested solutions (like switching off content downloads for html mails) didn't help for me. I'm using 4 mailboxes (1 gmail with imap, 2 custom imap and 1 pop3). Disabling all imap accounts overrides the problem, but this ain't be a viable solution :)

The same version of evolution on the same latest stable ubuntu release and and same gnome with the same accounts do work.

I'm clueless, don't even knwo how to get information for further debugging.



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