[Evolution] evolution in ubuntu

Recently I read that ubuntu will return to GNOME as its main desktop,
Ubuntu CEO Mark Shuttleworth even admitted that creating the unity
desktop was a mistake. Wow, that's quite a lot! - I hardly remember a
CEO having admitted a mistake...

Some time ago I learned that years ago there was some unfriendly
interaction (or however you want to call it) between evolution und
ubuntu people. Since then, evolution people seem not to have been
particularly eager to support evolution on the ubuntu platform. Well -
that's understandable...

As a ubuntu user, I feel not getting the best user experience possible
with evolution. Still stuck with v 3.22.6, support not as friendly as
I'm used to, I'm feeling like a 2nd class user...

Would the end of the year 2017 not be a good moment to forget about the
old dispute, shake hands and find out together how evolution, gnome and
ubuntu people together can create the best user experience? - PIM is
one of the key applications, and ubuntu is one of the big
distributions, especially amongst linux newbees. So a really good
evolution-in-ubuntu-integration is important for the progress of linux
as a whole, I think.

I wish you all the best for 2018 - and thank you all for providing
evolution and doing all the work on it!


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