Re: [Evolution] Import local folder from Thunderbird

Il giorno mer, 27/12/2017 alle 09.12 +0000, Pete Biggs ha scritto:
I switched from Thunderbird to Evolution one year ago, and now I have
just one task to do: import local folder from Thunderbird to
Evolution. Is there a esay way to do it?

It sometimes depends on what version of Evolution you are using - you
don't say.

You're right, I'm running a 3.12.9 on a Debian oldstable.

With the most recent version you can find the information in the Help:

 Help -> Contents -> Data Migration and Synchronisation -> 
     Importing data from another application ->
         Applications -> Mozilla

No luck with my Evo version :) 

They are the official pages, but there are lots of Google hits on it as

You're right again, I found the manual import in an Ubuntu forum.
Unfortunately I had to import by hand all folders, one by one.

Thanks a lot

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