Re: [Evolution] Evolution's "To Do" pane

I decided to see what the other possible actions in the View->Layout
popup do, and foolishly disabled the Menu Bar. It's not easy to get
it back. The manual advises me to "Right click in Terminal and select
Show Menubar". What is this Terminal?

I suspect you are reading the Help pages for Terminal, not the pages
for Evolution.

 — It is possible to get the menubar back by holding down the ALT
key, which makes the menu bar visible but not active; when ALT is
released the menubar remains visible for a few seconds and becomes
active. You can then select View->Layout and re-enable the menu bar.
This is not intuitive; Evolution is intended to be an application and
not a computer game.

That's not entirely the whole story.  The ALT key is used for
accelerators (as is fairly standard in Gnome/Gtk), so holding down the
ALT key is seen as "preparation" for pressing another character to
activate a menu. If you look carefully, pressing the ALT key causes a
number of letters to become underlined - pressing the corresponding
letter will open that menu.  In this case, you want ALT-V to select the
View menu then you can navigate using either the mouse or arrow keys.

This is not abnormal - it is standard Gnome behaviour, and to be honest
if you turn off the menu bar then it is hoped that you know what you
are doing. It may not be intuitive to you, but it's what it is in
Gnome, and I'm sort of struggling to think what would be the
"intuitive" way of re-enabling the menu bar!


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