Re: [Evolution] evolution-list Digest, Vol 149, Issue 18

On Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 1:00 PM,  <evolution-list-request gnome org> wrote:
Subject: Re: [Evolution] How to automatically forward invitations?

Unfortunately, most of these invitations are also multipart, meaning
that this line appears, but only in one of the parts, which means that
"text/calendar" is not one of the actual headers of the message. So
when I search for this header using the free form syntax
'header-contains:Content-Type=text/calendar', I do not get all the
messages I want to filter (close to zero matches).

Can you not add a condition of "body-contains" to catch everything?


It unfortunately does not work. Somehow, this kind of lines is not
considered part of the body by evolution.

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