Re: [Evolution] Word Wrapping

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On Wed, 2017-04-12 at 12:00 -0400, Benjamin Selzer wrote:
It's silly that the Evolution composer can't simply visibly break the
line while composing yet not break the line in the actual email sent.

And in the past I've seen complaints about composers that have done
exactly that along the lines of "why doesn't my text look the same
after I sent it as it does in the composer". 

Despite all excuses posted here, it's simply a missing and crucial
feature. Even every phone can do this.

And Evolution can do lots of things a phone can't. They are different
bits of software. If it bothers you, which it seems to, then file a

The pasting code excuse is preposterous. That's a very specific use
case. They could have CODE in the drop down for that specific use

Well, there is a bit for it, it's called "Preformatted", that's what
it's for, for inserting preformatted text that you don't want the
composer to wrap (which is why, it seems foolishly, I suggested that
you use it).

What you really want is a new type of formatting - I think it's
normally called 'Flowing Text' - i.e the text is soft broken at the
composer edge, but those soft breaks aren't translated to hard breaks
when the mail is sent.

But, can I just say that viewing that sort of thing on a desktop with a
wide window is not pleasant.  The text just stretches across the whole
window - for instance the text in the email you sent, that I'm replying
to, has a line that is over 200 characters long on my screen - if I try
I can just about stretch the window so the whole of the first paragraph
is one long line of 250 characters. It's silly I know, but I'm just
trying to point out that it is virtually impossible to create something
that everyone will be content with.

The best thing to do is to file a bug or enhancement and let the devs
decide how they are going to deal with it if at all.


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