Re: [Evolution] Migration from evolution to MS Outlook 2016

I have plan to migrate all my local mails with complete folder
structure in evolution (Ver 3.10.4) to MS Outlook 2016, So it would
be appreciated to help me how can I do this migration?

With great difficulty I suspect.  Outlook is not famed for complying
with standards for its local storage so it is unlikely that there will
be any direct way of doing it. You *might* be able to find a Maildir to
.PST converter, but I've never heard of one. Outlook may be able to
import some standard format - possibly mbox - but then you will have to
export/import every folder individually.

TBH I don't think you're going to get much more help from this list for
moving to Outlook.  You will be much better of asking on an Outlook
list or asking Microsoft for help.


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