Re: [Evolution] Auto Completation

On Fri, 2016-11-04 at 11:17 -0700, Rocketrrt wrote:
Hi,I am fairly new to Evolution.  I was using outlook before. I have one
question.  On the auto completion of e-mail addresses Evolution is showing
the list by contact order. Outlook used to do this by most used.  Is there a
way to have evolution do this by most used or latest used?  The problem I
have several contacts with same start of the e-mail (ex: mike xxxxx xxx) 
The one I use most frequently (several times a day) is at the bottom of the
list. I have over 1000 contacts.I would it to show first.Thanks,Ron

Probably not very relevant for this question, but just to remind you
*always* to give the version of Evolution you're asking about (see


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