Re: [Evolution] Crash

On Wed, 2016-03-30 at 18:14 +0200, Rudolf Künzli wrote:
:The kernel log indicates that hardware errors were detected.
:The data was saved by kernel for processing by the mcelog tool.
:However, neither /var/log/mcelog nor system log contain mcelog
:Most likely reason is that mcelog is not installed or not configured
:to be started during boot.
:Without this tool running, the binary data saved by kernel
:is of limited usefulness.
:(You can save this data anyway by running 'cat </dev/mcelog >FILE').
:The recommended course of action is to install mcelog.
:If another hardware error would occur, a user-readable description
:of it will be saved in system log or /var/log/mcelog.

It seems I have to install mcelog

That sounds like a hardware fault in your machine. Since it's
repeatable, it's probably not bad RAM (though you should probably run
memchk on boot to be sure). You definitely want to track this down as
it may be affecting other things, including data.


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