Re: [Evolution] Gmail + Sent Messages to a local folder

On Tue, 2016-03-22 at 20:07 +0100, Tom wrote:
First of all, please learn how to quote properly in replies. The
text doesn't distinguish between what I wrote and what you said

So, would you give me some proper instructions ?

Instructions on how to quote in replies? The default setup already does
what you need, which is what I'm doing here. Note that the above quoted
material is preceded by a date and attribution. I didn't do anything to
enable this, so you must have done something to disable it.

Regarding Gmail: there isn't much to be said. Gmail stores all sent
mail in the Sent Mail folder (of course Gmail doesn't actually use
folders, it's really the Sent Mail label, but when accessing it via
IMAP it appears as a folder). (Note that this will also happen if
use POP). The following is copied directly from the Help menu item
IMAP on the Gmail site:

Here you forgot to tell us that all seen below is about Outlook
Express, what I don't give a monkey's ... 

[...] where it's copied
from doesn't have an answer for Evolution :-(

Look again. The text I quoted is *not* specific to Outlook Express.
It's in the section for other IMAP clients.


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