[Evolution] Contacts docs and creating Skype for Business meetings

Hi Evo list

One area of Evo documentation that seems to be thin on the ground is for configuring the contacts, esp. for use with Office 365 and Exchange.

I partly got contacts working enough at some point to download an offline copy of our Office 365 contacts but its only my Offline GAL that works and I know its outdated now. I don't know how to fore it to update or get 'live' address lists working under Evo.

My other issue with evo contacts is that I've never been able to view contacts photos in any of my address lists except for the Skype for Business contacts which has imported its contact images from Pidgin.

The other Evolution limitation / request I want to ask about is is there any plan to add the ability to create Skype For Business (formerly Lync) meetings under the Evolution calendar? I'm not asking for Evolution to replace Skype as that's what pidgin/pidgin-sipe are working on but it would be good if it could create SFB meetings so I could avoid having to use OWA or regular Outlook for this.

Thanks for your help!

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