Re: [Evolution] SSL cert problems after server move

On Mon, 2016-03-07 at 01:32 +0000, Denny wrote:
When I fired Evolution back up after completing all the transfers, I got 
a message for each account asking me to accept new SSL certificates, but 
unexpectedly the Evolution messages give the old server name,  If I accepted them, I was then prompted for my 
username and password for each account, and entering the correct details 
was met with an 'Password was incorrect' failure message.  Note that the 
same usernames and passwords do correctly log me in via webmail.

I do not see this. For me, the certificate trust prompt shows a
certificate issued for, with these two issues:

   The signing certificate authority is not known.
   The certificate does not match the expected identity of the site
   that it was retrieved from.

I can accept it and then it asks me for a user name and password (which
I do not have).

I see in your console output also this:

(evolution:28706): evolution-mail-WARNING **:
receive_update_got_folderinfo: Could not connect to
'': Issuer certificate is invalid.

The error is returned by the NSS library, which is used for the
certificate verification. I do not see this error here, but I have more
recent version of the evolution (3.19.91 development version) and NSS
library (3.21.0) too.

Can it be that you have cached the DNS resolution in the system, or
overwritten in /etc/hosts, or anything like that, which causes the
false resolution? Can you ping or telnet the server from a terminal?

Your other devices can work differently than your Linux machine, though
you probably accessed the webmail from the same machine as you run
evolution, thus it might not be it. Evolution itself doesn't cache DNS
queries, it depends on the system libraries for it.

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