[Evolution] Interesting behavior

Hey all,

So I've already solved this, but thought I'd put it out here to those that may see this in the future.  First off, this is on Evolution 3.10.4, Ubuntu 14.04.  Evolution continues to run solid for me with no issues.  This connects to my email account using pop3.  I recently swapped the server running these services out from 32 bit, to 64 bit, but the exact same operating systems versions and exact same configurations.  This is where it gets weird...after running for about 30 minutes I noticed that emails were coming in and Evolution was receiving them via pop3, but the emails were old and on old threads and marked as unread.  Using imap however these same emails were not only not old, but completely different threads.  After doing a number of checks (and deleting /var/mail/account) I created a second pop3 account with the exact same information but the name in Evolution and then I started seeing the emails come through correctly again.

I have no idea why, but there it is...it seemed that my current pop3 account got...."stuck".  Anyway for those that might see this behavior that's what fixed it for me.


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