[Evolution] Comparison of Evolution to Thunderbird

Hi Guys,
I'm afraid I've just jumped ship on my main LapTop to Thunderbird.
Evolution is though still on a number of my other devices.

The primary reason is that I am getting a fair number of messages in
French and my French is not good. Up until now, I have been
copy'n'pasting the messages into translate.google.com - which is a bit
clumsy and means changing screens - etc. Now, I highlight the French
Text and click translate. This saves me time.

Another nifty feature I've discovered is that the Filters allow one not
just to put messages into Folders (looking for the List-ID was a pain -
Thunderbird does not inherently seem to know what a Mailing List is) but
automatically forwarding some "filtered" messages to others - very
useful feature.

These could both be useful additions to Evolution.
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