Re: [Evolution] Google's blockage of Evolution with Gmail, and Web Presence of Evolution

On Sun, 2016-01-24 at 12:34 -0500, Nick Pontillo wrote:
Hey all, there are two things I'd like to propose/bring to attention.

First of all, Google is blocking Evolution from working with Gmail
to this:

If that were the case I would have noticed, because both my main
accounts are Google-based and I access them with Evolution.

You just need to set up Gmail access using Gnome Online Accounts. This
has been the case for several months now and has been repeatedly
mentioned on this list. Note that this is not specific to Evolution, it
applies across the Gnome environment.

Or maybe it doesn't work with your version of Evolution, but since you
don't say what that is, it's impossible to say.

Now I've read some other things on the Internet that say this does
nothing for security, because you've already given the "less secure
app" your login credentials anyway when Google blocks it. But
regardless of whether what Google is doing is good or not, or
anticompetitive or not, we need to deal with this.

Some references to where this is being said would be welcome. I'm
sceptical of the reasoning.


*Forums are better than IRC and mailing lists because people don't
have to sign up to look at them*, therefore if someone is having a
they can look on the forum for solutions. Right now there is no
place on the web where people can go to look for help and tips with
Evolution - unless they set up IRC, sign up to the mailing list, or
the Gnome wiki.

There's also the online help system, though I agree it's not all it
might be.

Mailing lists have the advantage of a) being easily managed within
Evolution, and b) keeping an ordered history of interactions in the
form of threads. The archives for Evo stretch back many years. I don't
know of any online forum system with these characteristics, and my
(limited) experience of them is that they are considerably less useful
for getting answers to all but the most trivial problems. But YMMV of

There are threads *about* Evolution in other tech
forums, but there is no Evolution forum.

You are certainly welcome to do this.

This does not even require any money, hardware, or investment from

No, just from somebody motivated to do it.



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