Re: [Evolution] Dialog Box "Turning HTML mode off will cause the text to lose all formatting"

I'm using plain text as my default editing mode in the mail composer in
Evolution 3.16.5 on OpenSuse Leap 42.1. Every time I reply to an HTML
formatted message, it displays a dialog box: "Turning HTML mode off
will cause the text to lose all formatting. Do you want to continue?"
with two buttons "Don't lose formatting" and "Lose formatting". 

Is there any way to permanently deactivate this dialog box? (Other than
formatting my mail in HTML.)

In 3.18 that dialogue box has a tick box saying "Don't show this again"
or words to that effect.

Failing that, the setting is in dconf and you need to do something like

   dconf write "/org/gnome/evolution/mail/prompt-on-composer-mode-switch" false

I *think* it's the same for 3.16.x

Rather than using dconf to write a new value, you may be better of
using 'dconf-editor' and browsing to the correct key and setting it
within the gui.

I am also duty bound to remind you that fiddling around with dconf
settings has the ability to make programs unusable.  Don't randomly
change things if you don't know what they do.


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