Re: [Evolution] Notification on new e-mail

Ah, I downloaded the version I have from Mint's software manager, which
currently hosts 3.10. Checking out Ubuntu's package listings (since Mint
is based off Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) it says that this is the latest version
available for 14.04 and that 3.18.x isn't supported until Xenial
(16.04). Is there any way I can get 3.18.x running on my machine?

The whole point of LTS versions (as Ubuntu calls them) is that the
versions of the software are stable over the whole lifetime of the OS.
If you want to keep the stability of the LTS version, then don't
upgrade a package to a non repository version. If you don't care about
that stability, then why bother with LTS.

(P.S. Cinnamon is based on Gnome 3 so it should be able to support Gnome

3.10 should be popping up alerts - check the Gnome notification centre
that Evolution alerts are enabled.


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