Re: [Evolution] Evolution EWS stpped working after Exchange migration from 2013 to 2016

On 06-12-2016 Milan Crha wrote:
(evolution:21945): camel-ews-provider-WARNING **: Unable to fetch
the folder hierarchy: Authentication failed :289

I recall some oddity since updating samba to 4.5.0 or something
It provides ntlm_auth (here at /usr/bin/ntlm_auth), which is used by
libsoup, which evolution-ews uses to connect to the server. The file
a helper and the evolution-ews can work also without it. Try to rename
it, whether anything changes. I would also verify that a correct
authentication method is setup in the evolution-ews account

I guess that was the upgrade for fixing the “badlock” vulnerability in
Samba, which changed the authentication code quite a lot.
FWIW, I found that such fix made evolution-ews unable to login with
non-ANSI passwords (which used to be possible when using NTLM
authentication), but I didn't investigate it.
Milan, I guess you won't have a basic cli program with an evolution-ews
stub which simply authenticates against Exchange, would you?

Best regards

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