[Evolution] Evolution EWS stpped working after Exchange migration from 2013 to 2016


I was using evolution-ews without problems, until the server was
migrated to Exchange 2016.

Just in case, I did:

$ rm -rf .config/evolution
$ rm -rf .cache/evolution
$ CAMEL_DEBUG="all" LANG=en_US.UTF8 evolution

[I then recreated the ews account, got the OAB URL, then closed and
restarted, because no messages were shown]

Thread 0x7f5070a5a140 >
Get folder info(0x7f5070d411e0:1480971249.21797.3@mapache, '<null>') =
  full_name: Inbox
  flags: 00000000
    full_name: Inbox/personal
    flags: 00000000
the whole folder hierarchy in my Exchange account
  full_name: Trash
  flags: 00000000
< 0x7f5070a5a140 >

(evolution:21945): camel-ews-provider-WARNING **: Unable to fetch the
folder hierarchy: Authentication failed :289

Does anybody know if there is a workaround or something I can try? I
have no control over the server, so I cannot ask them to use IMAP+ or
turn on some sort of compatibility. All I know is that they have
migrated to Exchange 2016.

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