Re: [Evolution] Crashing and instability

On Mon, 2016-12-05 at 17:16 +0800, John Edward Serink wrote:
Hi All:

Ok, some very strange behavior today while "attempting" to answer and email.
I proceeded down in the email text to try and answer point by point....
1. First instance that email window in evolution just froze....evolution
didn't just that window,
2. Saved it as a draft and closed,
3.Opened the draft up, it was empty....sigh...
4. Second time, I was answering the same emial, the everything below where I
was typing disappeared....BLANK....followed by this form systlog:
Dec 05 17:11:08 [kernel] [30518.904343] traps: evolution[7757] general
protection ip:7f27e34bec30 sp:7ffdb32c45d0 error:0 in libgobject-[7f27e348b000+51000]

Ok, I'm going to walk it back to 3.20.5, 3.22.2 is very unstable.

I think you said earlier that you were recovering from a disk crash.
Given that no-one else has complained about 3.22 being unstable, I
suggest you look at your installation first.


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