Re: [Evolution] Places where Evolution stores its data

On Thu, 2015-05-28 at 21:46 -0400, John Lauterbach wrote:
I am using evolution 3.16.0 under Ubuntu 15.04. I use SpiderOak as 
my remote off-site backup service. The e-mail in Evolution is very 
important to me. In one sense, it is my corporate file cabinet. 
SpiderOak backs-up my evolution and other data files when there are 
changes.  In addition, when I make changes in evolution such as 
adding a folder, I use evolution backup feature.
So, my question is which evolution folders need to be backed up when 
they change in order to minimize data loss if something goes wrong?

The Evo backup feature is intended for occasional use when you want to
transfer Evo from one machine or distro to another. It's not meant to
be used as a regular (e.g. nightly) backup since it copies everything,
not just changes. This is likely to be very wasteful, especially if you
have a normal system backup as well.

For everyday use, simply backup your home directory using one of the
many standard backup solutions. It's best to do this automatically and
when your system is quiescent, typically overnight. Most such systems
do this incrementally to save space. Personally I use rsnapshot to a
local file server, but each to his own.


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