Re: [Evolution] access to google addressbook is broken

On Fri, 2015-05-29 at 09:54 +0200, Andrea Vai wrote:
Ok, I had to reboot Ubuntu to have my GOA account appear (simply
logging off and on did not do it).

that'w weird, re-login worked fine here, using Fedora 22.

Furthermore, the first time while my contacts
were populating the Contacts window, evolution crashed in
addressbook-factory. Then I started evo again and all seems to work
fine. Sorry if I don't give any technical detail here, let me know if 
I should file a bug (don't know how to reproduce it by now, though)

Only if you have a backtrace (as you do not) or you are able to
reproduce and provide the backtrace (which you currently cannot). :-)

It seems to me it crashed during the initial update, thus possibly some
contact caused the crash. Or it could even be the account adding as
such. In any case, if you could install debuginfo package for evolution
-data-server, then try to log off the GUI session, switch to a text
terminal (for example, Ctrl+Alt+F3), then remove the cache for the
address book at
Search the content of the folders for some contact email address to
pick the right one to delete. It's only a local cache, thus no harm to
delete it. Only make sure none evolution-addressbook-factory* process
is running when playing with the files (the logout should make sure
there will be none, but as the re-login didn't work even earlier...).
Then restart the machine and let's see whether the factory will crash.
Ideally try to get the backtrace of the crash, in case you've any
"crash catcher".

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