Re: [Evolution] access to google addressbook is broken

On Fri, 2015-05-29 at 08:39 +0200, Jens Gustedt wrote:
So basically this means that all the direct google interface support
should be phased out, because it can't work anymore?


But then also doesn't that mean that evolution is even more dependent
on having gnome running?

Currently yes, but that's the below bug for:

(The reason I didn't mention the evolution version, is that I am on a
Debian Jessie, and their version doesn't seem to be any official. 
This is an old version (3.12.9 they say) but if you look more closely
there seem to be a lot of patches applied.)

Even 3.12.x is dead upstream now, it's not that old. The last update of
3.12.11 had been done on 2015-02-09 (the 3.12.9 on 2014-12-08). As the
3.12.x is dead, any fixes might be added by the respective distribution
maintainers, if they want to (general speaking, there is no fix for
their GOA/OAuth2 thing yet).

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