Re: [Evolution] white space damage in reply

Using 3.15.91 + 

Two things...  

It works fine in Evolution 3.12.11 - it's probably part of the perils of
using a development version.  Stick to stable versions.

This is a list for users, not developers, of Evolution.  Issues around
unstable versions of Evolution affect a very small number of people and,
to be brutal, just add to the noise on the list.  The normal people who
provide help can't help because we don't run these super duper cutting
edge versions - so all that happens is that you get frustrated because
no one is sorting out your problems and you have to wait for a developer
to appear.

There's an evolution-hackers list for developers and, more importantly,
obvious bugs in Evolution should be reported in Bugzilla - relying on a
developer happening to spot your bug reports here is a bit hit and miss.


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