Re: [Evolution] Edit an existing email?

On Thu, 2015-03-12 at 09:37 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
Or nothing more direct than the excellent functionality of "Create a
Task" or "Create a memo" which has been available for decades.


I think there was a feature request for this (the initial thread 
subject) in GNOME's bugzilla, but I cannot find it right now. Rather 
than "Edit existing email" it might be "Add a note to existing email". 
That's different in a way that I would not let users change the 
original content. Briefly thinking of it, changing message content 
into multipart/mixed (or similar) and having the first subpart the 
original message content (thus the encryption or signatures are 
preserved and working), and the second subpart being the actual note 
(which can be also multipart or anything). That would not fix the 
message ID on the server, each save would delete the original message 
and add a new one in the folder, which would "look like" the original 
message with added content. Kind of an opposite operation to "Remove 
attachments" function. Just a quick idea on the subject. There are 
many options, like edit and have only one note on the message, or have 
it like a conversation with timestamp without a way to edit old 
conversations - probably each would find its use.

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