[Evolution] Evolution hangs incorporating local mail

My system brings its mail into $MAIL (/var/spool/mail/jonrysh) using fetchmail, which evolution incorporates as a Local Delivery File.  Frequently, almost always immediately after starting the system, evolution incorporates some mail and then hangs.  Attempts to exit evolution using File->Quit fail: the folders panel goes gray, but evolution never terminates; same result from clicking the (X) on the window decorations.  If evolution is terminated using
evolution --force-shutdown
and then restarted the mail in $MAIL is usually incorporated OK, though sometimes it takes more than one try.  When this is done, many messages are incorporated twice.

One odd thing is that $MAIL shows a file size of 0 once the incorporation process has started, even though mail is incorporated OK after evolution is restarted.  Example:
$ ls -l $MAIL
-rw-rw----. 1 jonrysh mail 0 Mar  9 11:47 /var/spool/mail/jonrysh
Anyone know what's going on or how to fix?

Thanks - jon

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