[Evolution] Paste problem into New Message

If I do cat ttt(ttt attached) in a MATE terinal and then paste all of into New Mail window
iI get the below msg, white space has been trashed.

Using 3.15.91 + 
24 hours        EHTMLEditorView - Fix Paste Quotation action
30 hours        EHTMLEditorView - Selection is lost when showing context menu
30 hours        EHTMLEditorActions - Actions from context menu don't work


# cat ttt
i2c-0   i2cMPC adapter at 0xffe118000I2C adapter
i2c-1   i2cMPC adapter at 0xffe118100I2C adapter
i2c-2   i2cMPC adapter at 0xffe119000I2C adapter
i2c-3   i2cMPC adapter at 0xffe119100I2C adapter
i2c-4   i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 0)I2C adapter
i2c-5   i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 1)I2C adapter
i2c-6   i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 2)I2C adapter
i2c-7   i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 3)I2C adapter
i2c-8   i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 4)I2C adapter
i2c-9   i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 5)I2C adapter
i2c-10  i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 6)I2C adapter i2c-11  i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 7)I2C adapter i2c-12  i2ci2c-0-mux 
(chan_id 8)I2C adapter i2c-13  i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 9)I2C adapter i2c-14  i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 10)I2C 
adapter i2c-15  i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 11)I2C adapter i2c-16  i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 12)I2C adapter i2c-17  
i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 13)I2C adapter i2c-18  i2ci2c-0-mux (chan_id 14)I2C adapter i2c-19  i2ci2c-0-mux 
(chan_id 15)I2C adapter

Attachment: ttt
Description: ttt

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