[Evolution] moving folders

Using Ubuntu's 12.04 Debian (their 14.04 has broken Raid Level 1,
which I use, so I'm holding off until I'm sure it's fixed) and Evolution

I have encountered considerable difficulty over time with the management
of both primary and subsidiary mail folders. Every so often one of them
will unaccountably relocate itself to a position *under* another folder,
and when I attempt to move it back to where it belongs (usually under
the top, or "ON THIS COMPUTER" level) I invariably am greeted with a
fairly uninformative yellow-overlaid popup across the top that refuses
to perform the action.

What am I missing?

I can sometimes fix it the long way around, by moving the contents to a
temp folder, deleting the relocated one, recreating it where I want it
to be located, than copying the contents back in. But now and then I get
the same sort of refusal when I attempt to do a contents copy.


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