Re: [Evolution] 3.16.3: Failed to refresh folder "INBOX",

On 06/23/2015 02:24 AM, Pete Biggs wrote:
Don't get confused by using utilities such as nslookup - they perform
the DNS queries themselves so by-pass the cache.

Only if you tell them to do so. By default dig and nslookup do the query
to the same resolver IP that the system libraries use.

If there is a cache in use, it is inside the Evolution libraries. If a
command-line ping, dig, or host command returns the new IP for a DNS
name, Evolution should be using that as well.

If it does not, that would be a bug. Because IP addresses do get changed
now and then, and users with laptops rarely close email programs when
you can just leave programs open and suspend/resume the machine.

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