Re: [Evolution] 3.16.3: Failed to refresh folder "INBOX",

Connect to an IMAP server, retrieve email. Move IMAP server to another
address, change DNS record, attempt to retrieve email again. Evolution
indefinitely keeps trying previous IP address, displaying an error
"Connection timed out".

Yes, sounds reasonable to me - in my experience any changes to DNS
records take a little while to settle down.  DNS entries have a
lifetime - this lifetime is server configurable and can be anything
from a few minutes to days depending on how often the administrator of
the DNS thinks the  entries are likely to change.  The lifetime allows
the clients to cache the DNS results and most clients won't bother to
query the DNS again until the entry would have expired.

And it's not an Evolution issue: I very much doubt Evolution is doing
the actual DNS lookups - after all, that's what libraries are for.

Don't get confused by using utilities such as nslookup - they perform
the DNS queries themselves so by-pass the cache.


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