Re: [Evolution] large attachment causing send problems

On Mon, 2015-06-15 at 10:17 -0500, Barry Pelham wrote:
Good day, I have a large attachment (54Mb) which appears to be 
causing a
send problem.  The smtp server resets.  This also seems to be 
further sends.  I would like to delete that problematic outbound mail
from the cache, but don't know how.  Using Centos 6.6 with Evo 

However, first things first, this version of Evo seems way outdated. 
expected automatic updates from the repositories.  Perhaps an update
will help.  So, does anyone have a suggestion for some setting to
automatically update me?  TIA, Barry 

Updating procedures are distro-dependent and are not part of Evolution.
You should ask on a CentOS list, but presumably it uses the same
Pkgkit/Yum/RPM system as RedHat.


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