Re: [Evolution] color of text in message list


usually it would be important to know what version of Evolution you're
using, but in this case, what window manager or DE are you using?
Assumed the WM/DE doesn't care about GTK3 apps you could try
~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini to set up a theme.

$ cat ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini
gtk-font-name=FreeSans 12

In my experiences dark themes are broken. I never have seen a dark
theme on my machine, that was usable for my needs. YMMV!

Btw. I'm using openbox with a theme I made myself, not everything is
Adwaita, but IMO it's worth to fall back to a theme, that easily
provides something that fits to GTK2, GTK3 and Qt settings.

If something is unusable, it isn't eye candy, so you should consider to
drop a broken theme for serious work.

Did you use HTML to set up colours? Once you've solved the colour
issue, only sent plain text to the mailing list.


PS and OT:

$ cat /etc/issue ; pacman -Q evolution
Arch Linux \r (\l)

evolution 3.16.3-1

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