Re: [Evolution] Messages sent from web links not saved in 'sent' folder

On Wed, 2015-06-03 at 19:58 -0500, Chris wrote:
It's just a local IMAP server. I've gone through this setup before
with Milan when I had a bug report to file in Evo. In this case as I 
said the message will show up in ~/Maildir/.Sent/cur but not in the 
Evo UI.

okay, to avoid the confusion, and to be sure I follow your setup
a) you run a local Courier server, which stores your mails at ~/Maildir
b) you access this local server via an IMAPx account in Evolution
c) you've setup to store Sent messages to the Sent folder of this IMAPx
d) when you enter the IMAPx/Sent folder in Evolution it doesn't show
   certain messages, while they are seen on the disk
e) you certainly _do not_ have a Maildir account configured
   in Evolution, which accesses the Courier's on-disk directory

Did I summarize it correctly, please?

In case I did, the IMAPx account shows what the server reported. There
can be situations which can hide certain messages, like those deleted
or Junk, or if the folder has set any filters (the top Show and Search
part right above the message list). To view deleted messages just use
View->Show Deleted messages option, though I believe it's not the case
here. You cannot view Junk messages like those deleted, for that visit
the Junk folder, though I do not think it's the case here either. That
lefts me with the folder filtering.

Could you verify you do not have some leftover search enabled in the
Sent folder, which may eventually hide the messages from the view,

Alternatively, enter the folder, then right-click it in the folder list
and choose "Refresh" option there. That will update the folder content.

P.S.: I also use an IMAPx-configured Sent folder in my account, even
not Courier, and it shows me all my sent messages as written by the

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