Re: [Evolution] Properly archiving Evolution data

Am Dienstag, den 28.07.2015, 06:07 -0600 schrieb James Lay:
Hey all,

Topic kinda says it...I'd like to try and archive my data, but not do
a full backup.  Right now I'm focused on emails and sent items.  My
hope is to archive off say....all emails and sent items of 2013 into a
file or directory, and then be easily easy to open (not import) an
email if I'd like to reference it.  Is there anything like that
available, or a method to do that with Evolution?  Thank you.

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Check this out. Have not tried it myself, though:

You might first use a search folder / filter to distribute mails to a
special maildir and/or mbox account. 
Also, keep in mind that evolution uses sqlite databases (named
folders.db, I think) to keep basic information about mails. So, you
might consider saving these database files as well if you need to
quickly do a search for specific mails at a later time!

Also, you might look at:
or do a google search for "mail archive linux"

Hope this helps,


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