Re: [Evolution] Can't modify/add contacts to Google Contacts

On Mon, 2015-07-27 at 17:57 +0200, Rudolf Künzli wrote:
I deleted the GOA for Google and did setup a new one (same email
address and password).
It seems the problem did disappear as I could add/modify Google

right, that's "the last resort" solution.

The GOA interface usually shows when there is any issue with the token
and suggests to re-sign to the Google account. Maybe another issue
happened to you, who knows.

The next time, (hope it won't happen, but ...) I'd try to delete the
password in the keyring, using for example Seahorse, then enter the GOA
interface and re-sign to the account. The difference between deleting
the account then recreating a new one and this "password reset" is that
the new account means downloading all the information again, like your
mail folders summary, list of contacts, calendar events and so on to
the local cache, which can be time and bandwidth consuming, especially
when you store hundreds of thousands of messages in GMail.

In any case, good it works for you again.

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