Re: [Evolution] Ubuntu 15.10 Gnome and Evolution

On Mon, 2015-07-20 at 09:42 -0400, John Lauterbach wrote:
Over the weekend, I was able to get the i386 version of Ubuntu 15.10 
Gnome to install on a hp-compaq dx2200 minitower (2007 vintage). 
 This distribution came with Evolution 3.12.11 already installed. 
 Gnome version is 3.16.2.  I realize that 15.10 is still under 
development so that is why I tried this on a surplus PC, and not on 
one of my production machines.  However, I am wondering why a more 
recent version of Evolution is not included.  I was not able to find 
a compiled build of 3.16.3 for i386 systems.

You'll have to ask on the Ubuntu lists about that.  Despite recent
activity, this list, like Evolution, is supposed to be distribution

But perhaps they just haven't bothered to do it yet.


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