Re: [Evolution] A note, an appeal

On Sat, 2015-07-18 at 17:51 -0400, John Lauterbach wrote:
Evolution 3.13.7 will work on 14.4 and complied version can be found 
at ;

3.13.7 is a development version and a very very very very very very
very old in the Composer area. Please do not install it anywhere. The
3.13.x turned into 3.15 and finally into 3.16.x, thus better to use the
latest stable, which is 3.16.4 currently. I understand it's not
available everywhere, it was released only the last Monday, but the
dependencies are the same as for 3.13.7, as far as I know, thus it
should be pretty easy to update the repository, as it's mostly a matter
of rebuild only.

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