Re: [Evolution] handling of the labels of mail

Hi Pete,
thanks for the information.
both xml and the search folder.
I will look into the xml file
regards Cornelius 

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Betreff: Re: [Evolution] handling of the labels of mail

> 1. Is it possible to have a keyboard shortcut to mark a message
>    with a label like "personal", "todo", "Important"?

There was a feature request (probably in bugzilla) to provide a method
of editing keyboard shortcuts - I don't think anything has ever
happened about it. I seem to remember the shortcuts are in an xml file
somewhere which could be hand edited, but I'm fairly certain the
changes won't survive updates.

> 2. It is possible to filter for all "todo" mails. But is it also
>    possible to filter for all mails, that have a label at all?
>    I.e. see all mails that are "todo", "important"... or "personal"?

You can create a search folder with "Label" "is not" "None" - that
gives all the messages with a label set.

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