Re: [Evolution] handling of the labels of mail

1. Is it possible to have a keyboard shortcut to mark a message
   with a label like "personal", "todo", "Important"?

There was a feature request (probably in bugzilla) to provide a method
of editing keyboard shortcuts - I don't think anything has ever
happened about it. I seem to remember the shortcuts are in an xml file
somewhere which could be hand edited, but I'm fairly certain the
changes won't survive updates.

2. It is possible to filter for all "todo" mails. But is it also
   possible to filter for all mails, that have a label at all?
   I.e. see all mails that are "todo", "important"... or "personal"?

You can create a search folder with "Label" "is not" "None" - that
gives all the messages with a label set.


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