Re: [Evolution] Evolution Notes & Calendar

On Wed, 2015-07-08 at 17:52 +0200, rabre hispeed ch wrote:
I can export all notes from 5 memo lists at once as ics file.

not at once, but one by one. Select the Memo list (make sure it's
selected, because the context menu is for the selection, not for the
place where the cursor was above, when the context menu was called),
then right-click it and choose Save As.

How do I have to repair my calendar to make, because I can not enter 
any more appointments.

Hard to tell, base don this little information you gave. It depends on
couple aspects, at least on the calendar type, like whether it's an On
This Computer, On The Web, CalDAV,... calendar, and eventually which
server it connects too, as there were some issues recently discussed on
this list with CalDAV connecting to fastmail, like here:


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