Re: [Evolution] edit keyboard shortcuts

I'd need to edit keyboard shortcuts - happily I found F6 to jump 
between the 3 sections of the main window, but F6 is not very handy 
for me, so I need to modify it. 

Google hits are mostly outdated and not helpful. And the (German) 
manual gives info about shortcuts, but not how to modify them.

In Gtk parlance they are called 'accelerators' or 'accels' so you may
have better luck searching on that.

As far as can see they are listed in .config/evolution/accels - but
that is, presumably, just a list of the defaults.  I don't know if
edits to that file make any difference or if there is a better way of
editing accelerators.

There is also a dconf key called 'can-change-accels' - that will
presumably have to be enabled as well.

**DISCLAIMER** poking around and changing dconf keys and config files
may make your installation unusable.  You do so at your own risk - it
is NOT my fault if you break something.

If you change the config files, I suspect they will be overwritten next
time Evolution is updated.

If you aren't using Gnome, then everything I have said may be a lie.


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